Design 3D models in browser

Youtube ETA

Google Chrome extension that shows running time estimate in which Youtube video is expected to load.


Google Chrome extension to make sense of Tab clutter


Google Reader client for Android.
Read news feeds from Google Reader, headlines from Google News and breaking stories from your Social network like Twitter.


Processing.alt is a Web based IDE for creating sketches using Processing.js. It also has a simplified mobile interface for browsing the same sketches on a smartphone (Android, iPhone, Palm Pre, n900).


Twitter Client for Android that talks.
TwitSpeak speaks your twits one at a time. And it is Open Source.


Twitter Client for Android.
Unique refreshing UI, with two themes. A full featured Twitter client, with two choices of home screen widgets.


Inkface is SVG based GUI framework. UI designer designs the GUI in an SVG image editor (like Inkscape) and uses inkface framework to wire the program logic with the elements of SVG GUI. I am no longer working on this project. The code is available under GPL at the above link for whoever is interested.